Salman kashefi approaches art as a profound exploration of emotions intertwined with the intricacies of pictorial style. His intention is to convey stories rather than mere narratives through his artwork. Embracing art as an experiential and progressive process, Salman uses his visions and experiences as catalysts for personal transformation. Within his creative expression, he contemplates the concept of reflection, recognizing that individuals are interconnected reflections of one another.

His art projects delves into the innate human desire to uncover the profound reality hidden beneath surface appearances. embarks on a journey to reveal the underlying substratum beneath objects, seeking to understand their essence beyond superficial impressions. By delving into the relationship between essence and appearance, Salman illuminates the duality inherent in the nature of things. His artistic exploration encompasses a quest to uncover the underlying substance beneath external manifestations, unveiling the profound interconnectedness of existence.